Welcome to the anime section of my web site. Here I hope you can gain a better understanding of what exactly anime is. I am also offering different reviews and recommendations of different kinds of anime.

Anime is the Japanese word for animation. In the United States, anime has come to be the name of the Japanese style of animation which is quickly growing in popularity throughout the United States at this time. While in the United States, people have thought of animation as being predominantly for children, in other parts of the world animation has not been mostly for children. Some instances of this more adult oriented form of animation can be found within Anime. For instance, there is a large amount of anime that contains graphic depictions of violence and the use of weapons with the intent of purposefully hurting other people. In these situations however, violence is not used just for the sake of violence. In most cases, violence is used just like in most Hollywood movies to get the point across that the production studio is trying to get across. Another example of more adult oriented anime is something known as hentai. Hentai is essentially animated pornography. However, not all anime is angled purely towards adults. A large amount of anime is still targeted towards children. One example of this would be the very popular series Pokemon currently running in the US at the moment.


Here are some links to various titles I would recommend.


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