I have dedicated this section of my web site to my collection of toys. I have decided to display some of the toys that I have within my collection.

Most of the toys located within this section of my web site are late-eighties to early- nineties toys. Three of the toys pictured in the following galleries are taken from different anime series, while the fourth toy has been taken from an American computer animation series.

Select one of the toys below for viewing:


Here are a few links to some other toy related web sites you might find interesting:

Cool Japanese Toys

This is a pretty interesting web site about new toys and toy news coming out of Japan.
The Toy Syndicate
Another interesting site with recent toy news and information on where to buy toys online.
Super Toy Archive
This web site will probably take you back if you grew up in the eighties. They have what seems like every toy line made in the eighties present here so that one can bask in the warm glow of nostalgia.
Ahh, E-bay, one of the last refuges to find just about any old toy imaginable. If you can't find it anywhere else or think it no longer exists, look here. You will probably find the toy you are looking for.


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