Dino-Riders is one of the great Series of the late 1980's.  However, all that remains of this once great series are a few images, toys and a few remaining video tapes of this once great Saturday morning cartoon.  This web site is dedicated to the forever proud and great series of Dino-Riders.

The series focuses around the conflict between the Valorians, a race of human like people that can telepathically communicate with other creatures, and the Rulons, an alien species comprised of many reptilian looking humanoids led by emperor Krulos.

The opening of the series begins with the Rulons attacking the Valorians in space while the Valorians are attempting to make a space jump to evade the Rulons.  However, as the Valorians are about to make their hyper space jump, the Rulons lock a tractor beam onto the Valorian's ship and are sucked into the jump point's vortex along with the Valorians.  This tractor beam causes an interference with the space jump and causes both the Valorian's ship and the Rulon's ship to accidentally travel through a worm-hole in time rather than a worm-hole through space.  This time jump ended with the Valorians and the Rulons crash landing on prehistoric Earth during the age of the dinosaurs.

After the crash, most of the technology used in the war between the Valorians and the Rulons is destroyed, but both sides of the conflict find that they can use dinosaurs to help accomplish their tasks.  Both sides of the conflict use different techniques to use dinosaurs in their conflicts.  The Rulons used something called a "Brain Box" that controls the mind of the dinosaur and takes away the free will of the creature.  The end result of the use of the brain box is a totally passive creature that does whatever one tells it to do.  The Valorians have a remarkable different technique to use dinosaurs in their conflict.  They use their telepathic abilities to ask the dinosaurs to do something for them without actually forcing the dinosaurs to do anything.  By doing this, the dinosaurs retain their free will and do not have to follow the commands of the Valerians if they do not desire to do so.  But, in following the commands of the Valerians, the dinosaurs can become more prosporous because in exchange for the dinosaurs help, the Valorians try to help the dinosaurs as much as possible by helping to provide food and by helping the creatures avoid other mutating animals.

During the entire war, the Rulons are trying to get a crystal owned by the Valorians that can return them to their own time period.  The Valorians are just trying to prevent the Rulons from retaking the crystal and returning to their own time where they can cause great harm.  The reason why the Valorians do not just leave the Rulons on the prehistoric earth is because they do not want the dinosaurs to be harmed by the Rulons.  Another reason why the Valorians do not use the crystal to leave is because the ship they have is top severely damaged for space flight.  So while the Valorians have the crystal, they have no means of using it, while on the other hand, the Rulon's ship has the capability of space flight and time travel, they do not possess the crystal they require ot make the time jump back ot their own time period.

This is the premise that the Dino-Riders series follows and continues throughout its three year airing.

An image from the back of a toy box from the first series of Dino-Rider toys.

Series 1 Dino-Riders Toys


Valorian Dinosaurs

Rulon Dinosaurs
 Tyrannosaurus Rex

An image from the back of a toy box from the second series of Dino-Rider toys.

Series II Dino-Riders Toys




Series III Dino-Riders Toys